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Too many people who live with migraines are stuck thinking: “It runs in my family so I’m stuck with it” or “Just the ‘normal’ headaches and occasional migraines.” This simply doesn’t have to be! Chiropractic has helped thousands- even millions- of people get rid of their migraines and get back to living a life free of headaches.

Each patient is unique and has unique needs to treatment will vary. The universal focus is to remove stress, tension and misalignment of the neck to take pressure off the critical brainstem area at the base of the skull.

Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia

The cervical spine or neck, especially the upper neck plays a critical role in the function of the nervous system. Misalignments, called subluxations, of the neck can put undue tension on the brain stem at the base of the skull.
This is the control center of body function that is responsible for responding to the demands or stresses of life. Subluxations of the cervical spine can cause a cascade of events that produce tension and pain, reduce your ability to handle stress, impact the quality of your sleep, and often result in some level of anxiety.

We take a corrective approach to restore alignment and function of the neck and reduce nervous system tension and interference.


The neck or cervical spine is especially vulnerable to misalignment or subluxation during childbirth and infancy. This is further aggravated by the numerous falls children take as toddlers.

Our goal in working with children is to use very gentle adjustments without twisting and ‘popping’ to take stress off the nervous system and allow their body to respond to the daily stresses of life and express greater health and life.


Headaches are common. Most everyone gets a headache at some time in their life. The pain is usually mild and localized, diminishing in time. If a headache is chronic, recurring, or causes intense pain that is debilitating, it can be a sign of something serious.

Even if your headache has gone away, you should still consider a chiropractic assessment. Just like a car doesn’t always make the same noise when you bring it to a mechanic, pain does not always show up when it is time to visit the chiropractor.

This does not mean, however, that the underlying issue has been addressed. Because there are many causes for headaches of varying degrees, they will often return if the problem is not resolved. Repeat visits are recommended to help retrain and strengthen the muscles supporting the spine and head.

Neck Pain Is a Pain in the Neck

The average adult human head between 10 and 12 pounds. That’s a lot of weight for your neck to hold up!

The neck, also known as the cervical spine, contains 7 spinal bones or vertebrae, that bear the weight of your head. While the neck is extremely flexible, this feature is also the reason it is so susceptible to pain.

If any of the vertebrae shift out of alignment, they can push on the nerves in your neck and cause pain. Awkward positions, sleeping wrong, or forcing your neck beyond its normal range of motion are all things that can result in shifted neck vertebrae.

When neck pain is a pain in your neck, get in touch with Life Chiropractic today. Dr. Berkowitz has the experience needed to get you back to functional form.


Caring For You While You’re Caring For Two

Chiropractic care is safe and beneficial during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, there may be changes in your body that put pressure on bones and joints. At Life Chiropractic, we use techniques that avoid unneeded pressure on the abdomen, while providing relief from pain.

We can also guide you in avoiding certain postures and movements that are likely to cause problems during pregnancy.

Book your appointment today, and let us care for you and your growing family!

Solving Your Struggles with Sciatica

When you’re struggling with sciatica, your day-to-day tasks get a lot more complicated. Around 40% of people will experience sciatica at some point in their lives.

For some people, it is acute and mildly annoying, but for others, the pain is chronic and unbearable. Extreme manifestations of sciatica can even cause you to lose control of your bladder or bowels.

At Life Chiropractic, we don’t want you to be in pain. We can help to treat sciatica with chiropractic care. Book an appointment and let us ease your struggles with sciatica.

Low Back Pain

Suffering from Lower Back Pain?

Millions of Americans suffer from lower back pain every year—it can get so bad that people go to the emergency room to have it treated.

The lower back is also known as the lumbar region. When you have pain in this area, it can be hard to sit, stand, or move around in any way.

Chiropractic adjustments can help you find relief and regain your mobility. If you have lower back pain, book an appointment today!

Shoulder Pain

Don’t Shoulder the Burden of Pain

The shoulder has the widest range of motion of any joint in your body. When it hurts, your movement can be significantly limited. Shoulder pain often stems from problems that develop within the shoulder joint or the surrounding structure.

You might not think of a chiropractor when it comes to treating shoulder pain, but you should! Misalignment of the neck, upper back and shoulder system could be to blame, and a chiropractic adjustment could provide you with lasting relief.

Pediatric Chiropractic

Chiropractic Is for Kids Too!

Children experience back pain and issues with their musculoskeletal system too—just like adults! Kids sit at desks at school all day and hunch over their homework at home. If their workstations aren’t set up ergonomically, they might experience some posture problems.

Children of all ages can benefit from the pain relief and postural adjustments provided by chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is suitable for children of all ages. If your child is experiencing pain or discomfort, bring them to Life Effect Centers today.

Chiropractic Care

Adjusting Your Body Adjusts Your Outlook on Life

Chiropractic care is safe, effective, and does not include any drugs or surgery. When the spine is out of alignment, the body can suffer pain and poor health even in areas far removed from the pain point. This is due to the tension put upon the nervous system through misalignments called subluxations.

Even the smallest disturbance to the spine can throw the body out of balance. Subluxations interrupt the regular transmission of nerve impulses, and this prevents the body from responding in an optimal manner.

Chiropractic care focuses on treating the disorders of the skeletal system and the nervous system in a natural and noninvasive way. Generally, doctors of chiropractic use spinal adjustments to treat any misalignments and restore proper function to the nervous system. This helps your body to heal naturally.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are stressful enough, even without the pain that can come from whiplash. Approximately 20–50 million people annually suffer from non-fatal injuries as a result of car accidents around the world.

While whiplash is generally associated with rear-end car accidents, it can also come from playing contact sports. If you have recently been in a car accident or had a sports-related collision, call the team at Life Chiropractic.


Wellness Care is important in Grass Valley

Feeling sick or experiencing pain should not be the first reason for you to come to Life Chiropractic. Far too many people are waiting until they are sick or experiencing debilitating pain to reach out to our office. The belief that health is supposed to decline as we age is unnecessary and should not be accepted.

This why so many of our patients choose to take advantage of wellness care once their initial condition is corrected. The have experience what it is like to have a nervous system free from interference and choose grow their wellness rather that wait to treatment a problem.

“I’ve been to chiropractors since I was in my teens and I’ve never had one like Dr. Bill. His methods are different than the very physical adjustments. I’ve seen quite an improvement in my posture and my energy, even down to how I find myself breathing. My overall body aches exponentially less and I stand for about 10 hrs a day in a physically demanding job. He is the first person to ever adjust my atlas and it was a euphoric experience for lack of a better word. I would, and have recommended to him to friends and colleagues. Small adjustments here and there to help my body flow naturally.”

– Natalia V.

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