Foundation Training Course

Welcome to the Foundation Training Course!

Outside of chiropractic care, Foundation Training is the most powerful and impactful physical practice I have encountered to correct imbalances caused by our modern lifestyle. Foundation Training is a series of body weight exercises that activate your postural muscles responsible for counteracting gravity and sitting. Too many of our modern habits, movements and postures put us in positions where gravity takes an ever accelerating toll on our bodies. Foundation Training along with Chiropractic care is the best antidote to that.

These exercises activate the muscles of the back of the legs, hips, pelvis and spine. Foundation Training will decompress your spine and activate the powerful muscles responsible for moving you through life. Foundation Training requires no equipment, can be done anywhere, and will yield tremendous benefits in as little as regular 10 minute sessions.

Commit yourself to Foundation Training for a month and you will never look back. My experience was so powerful that I participated in the very first Foundation Training Certification class and it has been a core part of my self-care ever since.

Foundation Training Introduction

Please watch this short introduction to Foundation Training. This is the most powerful adjunct to Chiropractic care. With minimal regular practice Foundation Training will help engage, strengthen, and balance the muscles that support your structure and your nervous system.

Level 1 Foundation Training Course

Foundation Training is not a race to the end. Take your time to master the core skills, movements, and practices. Even if you never progress beyond Level 1 you will benefit greatly from Foundation Training.

Introduction to Anchoring & Decompression

Decompression Breathing

Introduction to Anchoring

Seated Decompression

Common Arm Positions & Shoulder Movements

Standing Decompression

Lunge Decompression

Supine Decompression

Prone Decompression

Wide Founder

Woodpecker or Lunge Founder

Level 1 Baseline Workouts

Standing Decompression – Lunge Decompression Workout – 9m

Combination Workout with Hinge Focus – 15m

Wide Founder & Woodpecker Workout – 12m

Combined Workout – 17m

Supine & Prone Decompression Workout – 8m

Basic Decompression Workout – 11m

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