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Shannon Kennard DC

Dr. Shannon Kennard is among the most passionate and dedicated Chiropractors in Northern California. She is driven to provide sustainable and non invasive life care. Her motivation is to share the healing power of the body and empower through education and conversation.
Dr. Shannon is interested in contributing to her hometown of Nevada City and Grass Valley by providing free education for parents, children and, elderly about health, noninvasive and, self sustaining options for their lives. This community is already ahead of most in areas of education, art, agriculture and, alternative health care. However, her vision for this community is that every child grows up understanding the power of their own bodies and the potential of each human being. Now, the education received under her care will empower children to go out and spread this paradigm of thinking so that it ripples across the country and all over the world.

After Graduating with a Doctorate from Life Chiropractic West in the Bay Area, CA, Dr Shannon traveled to live and work in Delhi, India in a hospital with her husband Dr. Chris Cedars. Dr. Shannon was also able to attend four chiropractic health service trips in India while studying in school. There she witnessed millions of people coming from all over India for free health care, where she was able to use her skills adjusting the poorest of the poor, to religious leaders, to millionaires, to tribal people, from newborn babies days old, to a 102 year old. Serving all equally with 100% love and intention. Dr. Shannon experienced the mission and idea of -- To Give, To Love and To Serve-- from a place of deep understanding.

Dr. Shannon lives in Grass Valley, her husband is also a Chiropractor in Grass Valley and surrounding areas, Dr. Chris Cedars also specializes in Animal Chiropractic. He works on horses and Dogs. Dr. Shannon and Dr. Chris have a son who is 2 years old. He is the inspiration to touch lives in a positive way and connect people to their amazing human potential.


Chris Cedars DC

Are you frustrated that you don’t have a Chiropractor on your Healthcare Team?

We can help your back feel better and get your nervous system functioning more effectively.

I help people get out of pain faster without the use of drugs while improving the connection of their brain and body by adjusting their spine through chiropractic analysis and systems.

I remember how isolating and alone it was when I had back pain and no one was helping me improve my spinal problems. I needed someone or something to let me know that the decisions I am making are the right ones for my health.

Our goal is to provide a resource and service to our community that gives them another option for their healthcare needs, before taking drugs for pain which only mask the symptoms.

I understand the pain you are in, because I have experienced my own spinal problems and seen over 10,000 patients suffering from a wide range of symptoms.

Chiropractors are really good at what they do. Having the right systems and protocols to follow is one of the major things that separate the chiropractors from other doctors that only treat the symptom.

So, we built a clinic in Grass Valley that shows people another option for Healthcare and Spinal Health. Patients that follow our recommendations are improving daily and enjoying a better quality of life, while maintaining a lifestyle full of the stuff they love doing.

If you’re still reading, then maybe I’ve got your attention?

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The Grass Valley weather allows for lots of fun outside and we want to keep you healthy so you can enjoy life.


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