4 Health Secrets that you need to know. Don’t Ask Your Doctor, He Doesn’t Know and Can’t Tell You!

The Truth! The medical system in the US and all western countries could be described as allopathic. That’s sort of important to understand when it comes to your health. 

According to WebMD allo- in allopathic comes from the Greek word for “opposite” and refers to the treatment symptoms with its opposite. 

If something like blood pressure is high, allopathic medicine prescribes a drug to bring it down. 

If you have an elevated temperature or fever then the remedy is an antipyretic to bring the fever down. 

Pretty simple concept. But, does it really work when it comes to health? Great question since it might give some insight as to the efficacy of this model of healthcare. 

Well, the U.S. Ranks Last Among Seven Countries on Health System Performance Measures. We spend more per capita than any other country, yet our health is declining!

Does that sound a bit alarming? How about this frightening projection…..

According to a report published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine as reported by the New York TimesFor the first time in two centuries, the current generation of children in America may have shorter life expectancies than their parents”.

That was published a while ago and things have only gotten worse. 

What does this tell us? 

First, that the health of the average American is trash.

Second, that the US Medical System has lost its bearings and has no idea of how to cultivate health. They are great at trauma and acute illness but after that you run a greater risk of problems by staying in the healthcare system. 


Health Secret #1: Health is a Process

Let’s look at this. The medical system treats health as an event. You get sick, they prescribe a drug for a week or two and everything is done.

Nowhere do they look for the underlying cause of why you got sick in the first place. The human body is resilient. It typically takes a long time for it to break down. That is the process of losing health.

Yes, we can get a cold or the flu but if we are healthy those illnesses typically pass without incident. 

If you really want to avoid a laundry list of medications and time in the hospital as you age, then you need to approach your health as a process. Processes take time. Everything that supports your health must be repeated with some consistency over time. 

There is nothing that helps support your health and well-being that doesn’t need to be done with regularity. Some things need to be done daily, others a few times a week, some weekly, and a few can be done once or twice a month to receive optimum benefit.

Here are a few health practices that are part of the process of building and maintaining health. While you might benefit from doing these once or once in a great while, that type of frequency will do nothing for your health.

  • Healthy diet of whole natural food
  • Movement and exercise
  • Quality sleep
  • Time outdoors
  • Quality relationships
  • Water intake
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Massage Care
  • Acupuncture
  • Craniosacral Therapy

Health Secret #2: The Reason for a Health Problem is NEVER Because You Don’t Have Enough Chemicals Already!

Yes, there are a few exceptions to this. A Type 1 diabetic absolutely requires insulin. 

The vast, vast majority of health conditions are not because we lack enough drugs in our bodies! While perhaps 10% of disease is genetic, a full 90% is determined by our environment…nutrition, sleep, stress, physical activity, etc. 

Sometimes medications are essential short term. Sometimes they might be needed long term. But, the vast majority of time the medication is doing nothing to address the underlying decline in health. 

Health Secret #3: Health is an Inside Job! And, You Are the Boss!

Your body runs the show. Your body is self-monitoring, self-regulating, and self-healing!

So, what does that mean to you? It means that the ONLY practices that are going to help you recover your health, maintain your health, or improve your health must by definition help support your body’s ability to do its job. 

It happens no other way. This is why while medications might be necessary in the short term to give your body the opportunity to heal, in the long term they do nothing to support health. 

Yes, drugs might help control disease but they do nothing to improve health. Let me offer a few examples.

If you have high blood pressure and take antihypertensives you might get lower blood pressure and be at a lower risk for heart attack or stroke but that doesn’t make you any more healthy. 

If you are depressed and take an antidepressant it might help ease the depression but it doesn’t make you happy and fulfilled. 

Health Secret #4: Every Departure From Health Involves the Nervous System!

How can I say that? Pretty easy when you look at how the body works. The brain and spinal cord comprise the Central Nervous System. When I described above how the body is self-monitoring, self-regulating, and self-healing, guess what system in the body is responsible for all this!

The Nervous System!

Nerves and the spinal cord send information about the body back to the brain = SELF-MONITORING

Based on that information the brain sends instructions back to the body = SELF-REGULATING

And, every day the brain helps coordinate the repair of damaged cells, tissues, and organs = SELF-HEALING.

If you want health, the foundation of great health is a healthy brain and nervous system. 

This might seem a bit hyperbolic but pause for a minute and tell me a body process that is not in some way linked to the functioning of the nervous system.

How do you care for your Nervous System? Here are a few things you can do…

  • Healthy positive relationships with deep connection
  • Stimulate your brain both physically with exercise and intellectually with learning
  • Corrective Chiropractic Care
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Healthy diet with a minimum of processed food, sugar, alcohol, etc.
  • Minimize drugs

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