The Number One Key to Migraine Relief? Corrective Chiropractic Care!

Migraines are downright nasty. And, they are complicated as there are a number of factors that can trigger a migraine. Migraines are often triggered by certain foods, medications, hormonal fluctuations, alcohol, and too much caffeine. 

They are debilitating. If you suffer from migraines you understand how much they limit your life. Medicine has some powerful drugs to treat a migraine. If you take migraine medication on a regular basis they can actually make your migraines worse.

How Can Chiropractic Help Migraines?

How can chiropractic help reduce or even eliminate the frequency or severity of migraines? If you are experiencing frequent migraines it is a sign of neurological imbalance and irritation. 

A great question is what would help bring the body and nervous system back into greater balance and how would that affect the migraines? The nervous system is tasked with monitoring and regulating every body function. If there is pressure, tension, or interference it follows that there will be some imbalance in body function. For some people the result is a predisposition to migraines. 

The purpose of chiropractic care is to remove tension and interference from the nervous system and return the body to balance. In a balanced state the body is better able to properly regulate and heal. For many migraine sufferers this return to balance can mean a dramatic reduction or elimination of their migraines. 

How Does Chiropractic Work?

Upper Cervical Spine: the upper neck is home to the brain stem. This area of the brain is the control center for many body functions such as blood flow, heart rate, digestion, sleep, etc. 

When there is misalignment and imbalance in the upper neck it often irritates the autonomic nervous system. This part of the nervous system controls those body functions above. This often causes muscle tension, inflammation, altered sleep, and altered blood flow. This can be both a cause of migraines and an aggravating factor. 

Cervical Curve: the neck has a normal curve going forward. When that curve is lost it puts added tension on the nervous system and increases the irritation to the brain stem, irritating the sympathetic “fight or flight” system. 

Pelvis: while the pelvis is at the other end of the spine it is very important. Imbalance of the pelvis causes muscle tension all the way up the spine. Pelvis misalignments also turn down the Vagus Nerve which is responsible for rest, relaxation, recovery and reduced inflammation.

Vagus Nerve Activation: the Vagus Nerve is the primary nerve of the Parasympathetic Nervous System, often referred to as the “rest and digest” system. With chronic conditions like migraines the Vagus Nerve is often lowered in activity. While it is critical to remove any source of interference to the nervous system, it is often extremely beneficial to activate the Vagus Nerve. The Vagus is involved in every body function you might associate with great health and well being. 

Migraines are an indication of imbalance. That imbalance might be coming from a range of sources but regardless of the cause of the imbalance there is always some degree of nervous system tension and interference. 

The goal is to remove the tension and interference and allow the nervous system and body to do what it does naturally, return to a state of balance and healing. 

About the author:

Bringing more than 3 decades of practice experience, Dr. Bill Berkowitz focuses on balancing and corrective care, applying his expertise to provide patients with predictable, repeatable and measurable results.

Dr. Bill consistently strives to enhance the well-being of his patients by addressing the root imbalances of their problems and promoting optimal balance, alignment, and function of the spine and nervous system.  

Bill’s wealth of knowledge and experience has allowed him to develop a nuanced understanding of the human body and its intricate connections. With each adjustment, he supports the body in returning to a state of balance that goes beyond mere symptom relief, focusing instead on long-term correction for his patients’ well-being. 

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