Health Talks

Dr. Shannon Kennard, and I will be providing Health and Wellness Talks to select groups in Nevada County to promote better health in our community. 

Our doctors donate their time every month to local businesses, schools and other organizations to raise awareness on preventative health care, better ergonomics, reducing stress and how spinal hygiene affects the nervous system.  Our goal is to reach as many families in our community as possible to help improve their lives – one organization at a time.

Our presentations are great! They range in time from 20-45 minutes and can be presented as a Lunch and Learn for workers/teachers/parents/students.  

Our most popular presentations cover topics like: Stress Reduction, Bullet proof your Low Back-Ending Back Pain, Boosting Your Immune System, Workplace Ergonomics and Increasing Your Energy by 100%.

These workshops can be tailored for, better results faster through preventative health care, and many other health topics including allergies, ADHD, Gastro Intestinal System, and healthy eating. Depending on the needs and interests of your team, we would like to work with you on designing a presentation that would work best for you. Please email or call if you would like to speak to us about setting up a Lunch and Learn health talk.

In Office Workshops

We present on topics inside our office as well.  We take education seriously and make it a priority to teach current and future patients how they can get the most out of the care we provide. Our workshops include a Body Signals  Monthly Series, detailing the topics of ADHD, Arthritis, Digestive Issues, Ergonomics, (FAS) Falling Apart Syndrome, Sleep Issues, Hip and Knee, Heart Disease, and Better Results Faster.


India Service Trip

Dr. Shannon and Dr. Chris have been to India to provide Chiropractic care on several occasions and return frequently.