Our mission is to educate and improve the quality of your life through Chiropractic


How we can help

True wellness comes from correcting the cause, not just addressing the symptoms. If you have health concerns, have been in an accident or want to increase your quality of life we want to get you on the road to true and lasting wellness.


We provide corrective care which addresses the cause of conditions such as:  

• Headaches / Migraines

• Numbness / Tingling

• TMJ issues

• Digestive disorders

• Insomnia

• Sciatica

• Asthma

• Vertigo / Dizziness


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Come in and see us

We utilize neurological exams, orthopedic tests and referred X-rays to determine the cause of each patients health concerns.

We help people live life at full potential

From the moment you enter Life Chiropractic Grass Valley, you’ll know that our practice is unlike any other. From the doctors, to a comforting environment, we are proud to serve the Grass Valley and Nevada County community.

We want to be a place for families to find a better way to improve their health. Our friendly and talented doctors will make you feel right at home from the first moment you arrive.

Knowledge is Power

At Life Chiropractic Grass Valley, our mission is to educate and bring as many families as possible back to optimal health through natural chiropractic care.  In order to fulfill this mission, we believe education must be our first priority.

When patients are educated, they are empowered to take better care of themselves. It is our responsibility to get you well and teach you how to stay well! This, we believe, is the only solution to our current crisis in health care. When we lose our health and the ability to do the things we love to do, we lose our identity. By teaching our patients how to make better choices for healthier lives, we know we will have fewer patients getting sick.

One of the things we find most fulfilling is to see patients get well – to see them get their lives back. We love to see our patients start raising their families within the practice and adopting the belief system that we are supposed to be healthy. They know that our choices matter, our decisions matter, and our behaviors matter – they are what drive healthy outcomes. That’s when we can change the health of our community.

Our Approach

We have an unrelenting commitment to helping people achieve better outcomes. We are helping people with disc problems, back pain and anyone who has had a hard time getting well.

We both have a passion and specialty in caring for an especially important part of our community – pregnant mothers and children. Even before birth, we ensure that children get the best start toward a healthy life. Our patients benefit from prenatal, perinatal, and pediatric care.

Our team is focused on helping you get well and stay well, for life.

We’d love the opportunity to show you how chiropractic care can improve your health and your quality of life.

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